Thursday, July 7, 2011

My BESTeam Feature

This week’s BESTeam Feature is on a most giving, kind and thoughtful person. I rightly justify this statement because, for every sale in her Etsy Shop, On Behalf Of, ninety percent (90%) of her money she receives for her Art, is donated to help in: providing clean water in developing countries, freeing modern day slaves, care for orphans, or providing medical relief to those with HIV. In fact that’s how Kate came upon her Etsy Shop name, OnBehalfOf. This name reflects the people she helps with the proceeds of her sales in her shop.
Personally, I look at Kate’s artwork often. Not only do I find Kate to be an amazing person, I also find her work to be amazing also! And everytime I return to her shop, my eyes always stop here, to this 8x10 print of an original painting:

Do You See Me

But today, I wanted to share something different, so I chose this to use as my first favorite!

The Morning Will Be On the Other Side

Not only is this art work beautiful, each piece contains a meaningful message, a message of hope and love. Certainly meaningful to the artist, to those it represents, and hopefully to you as well.
You can click on the link of each photo to read the decription.

Kate is humble, claiming herself not to be a professional artist. What I find that she does professionally by her contributions is care and love. She attempts to use the beauty in her art to compensate for the ugly in the world, a powerful and in depth outlook. Kate takes her blessing of being privileged and uses it to bless others. This is something I truely admire. There are too many selfish and greedy people in this world, and here is one person who is not only trying to make a difference, but truly does.
Personally, my next picture, is art that would look attractive in any room of where you live. The colors are soft, and can be very complementary to any color and style of decor you may have. This pictures message targets Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery, a message of an issue that is truly happening in our world today.
Dare to Claim the Sky
Lastly a bright and colorful print of an original watercolor painting. Shall we take a guess what this picture is? Well if you know me well, you know I love the water, especially the ocean. And if you do not know me very well, now you know one more thing about me!
The Ocean Tells Me a Thousand Stories
I have a few more things I feel compelled to write. I want to write part of a statement that Kate wrote. I believe it completes this feature, in getting to know my featured shop and artist. I hope you find it as strong as I do:
"Now that I have seen, I am responsible. I believe in possibility. I believe in God's providence. He knows my heart because He made it that way. And He's done so much already. I'm a small girl, but I am pretty determined that not everything about me will be small".
You can find Kate Here:
Etsy Shop: OnBehalfOf
Please visit Kates Blog. On her Blog you will find all the organizations she supports, and many other posts that you may find interesting.

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  1. Great post, I love her work and her passion!
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