Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BESTeam Feature ~ Fluttering Flowers

This week I've decide to handle my feature differently. This week I choose questions to send to the shop I was featuring for more like an interview. The answers I received from Fluttering Flowers have not been edited by me, they are straight and direct from her!
Fluttering Flowers says she plays with clay, I don't call what she makes "playing with clay". To me, what she makes is magical, charming and delightful. Just looking at her listings makes me smile!
Here is an example of a favorite of mine as well as hers!:
Bunny Rabbit Family Garden

Bunny Rabbit Family Garden Everything you need to make a big pot of stew FIMO and Sculpey

I started these interview questions on a more personal side, well kind of.
Here are a few of my questions and responses!
1. Name one thing that not many people know about you.
Oh lets see...I do have a terrible fear of crowds and public speaking, I get nausea just thinking about either one.
2. Do you think there should be a support group for spouses of Etsians?
Ha Ha! That's too funny! Luckily my hubby is incredibly supportive of my little hobby. He is also to blame for most of my creations since most of the ideas come from him. He has a great imagination, and it can be frustrating because he often says, "why don't you make this, or why don't you make that?". I can't keep up! ;-p
3. If I came to your home and looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?
A giant bowl of salad, lots of guinea eggs (shhhhhh), Pepsi, chocolate syrup!
Well when Poe said Chocolate, these were my first thought!
Small Cake Pieces

Small Cake Pieces for Dollhouse or Fairy Party FIMO and Sculpey

I also asked questions in regards to her designing!:
1. Your work is very detailed - how long is the process from start to finish for an average piece of art?
Oh wow! That is hard to say, there are so many steps, from making the item, baking it, painting the details if need be, then glossing. Anything from an hour to a day depending on the layering.
2. What is the special appeal of working with (fabric/wood/jewelry components/etc)?
With polymer clay, everything starts out as a conditioned ball and I just roll it out from there, it's a very forgiving medium.
3. It's said that jewelry artisans tend to have a color palette. What's yours?
It really depends on my mood, I really enjoy working with bright colored clay.
BRIGHT? That's easy in this shop!
Rainbow Terrarium Set with Spotted Mushrooms and Flowers.
And lastly I asked her thoughts about networking:
Do you use any social media sites to network? Which ones? Has it helped? Can you offer any advice to someone just starting out with social media?
I use Twitter and I have a blog. In fact, I'm having a give away at my blog for a rainbow terrarium set. You can enter it up until the end of April.
I really wouldn't have a blog or do twitter if it wasn't for my Etsy Shop. I just think it's all so silly and "me me me".
Overall, I think in doing an interview, I was able to have lots more current information, then how I was doing my features before.
And after reading Poe's response's I truly feel that have gotten to know this very creative artist more!
I hope you feel the same way too!

Be sure to visit Poe's Shop: FlutteringFlowers, her blog, be sure to enter the Give-a-Way!
And follow her on Twitter

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  1. SOooooooo Cute!!!!!!!!! I love that :)

  2. Cathy,
    Thanks so much! I love this! I wasn't thrilled about answering questions because I never know what to say, but, you made it fun.
    It's very well written and set.
    I think I'll copy your interview style and questions if that's okay?
    You've hit on something good here!
    Thanks again and have a beautiful day!

  3. I enjoyed the interview. Hmm! A support group for husbands of Etsians. That may be a good idea!

  4. @ Knitful Dezigns, Thanks :)
    @Poe, :)
    You did an excellent job answering all the questions. I was so please with all of your answers, they were well written and thoughtful. So, thank you for making this weeks feature a success!
    And yes! You can copy my interview style, and you'll find more questions on our BESTeam Forum :)
    @Beadaciously Yours, :)
    My husband NEEDS A support group!!!!!!

  5. Love it Cathy! Great feature and I loved your questions :)
    I've never tried creating with clay before but the results are beautiful!

  6. Great Feature, Cathy! I enjoyed the interview and I always love seeing Poe's creations. Each is a little piece of artwork!

  7. you are invited to follow my blog

  8. To Steve,
    I joined already, honored, thank you :)


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