Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Your Opinion Matters! Part 1

Being a Jewelry Designer, we all  have to ask ourselves many questions.
In order to create jewelry that catches someones eye, and leads them to a purchase, we must be somewhat educated in what the consumer is looking for.

I've  devised just a short survey, of  basic questions, (I am sure I will go more in depth later), opinions that I am curious about from the standpoint of a consumer.
I hope you will take the time to comment. This will help me to be successful in designing and creating a piece of jewelry that someone might purchase.
Thank you in advance for your time, I sincerely appreciate it!

In wearing Jewelry, what do you look for in a piece?
Do you look for:

1. Versatility (how often can you wear it?)

2. Trend (is it the latest trend, is it in style?)

3. Price? (How much are you willing to spend, and why? I understand the "Why" may be a bit personal, please just answer if you want too!)

To view my designs on Etsy please click here! And if you have a comment of my Etsy Shop, please feel free to leave that also!


  1. Before I became a mom, I used to wear TONS of jewelry...Now, not so much as before. So if I'm shopping for jewelry now, I'm looking for items that are versatile and affordable. When it comes to handmade items, though, I am willing to spend a bit more than usual, because I know that the item I purchase is handcrafted. =) I've never been a big one for trendy things too much, because trends come and go, but if an item is versatile...That's the key to unlock so much more than a trend. =)

  2. Agreed. Before kids, I was a jewelry, shoe & bag - nada! When I do buy, I much prefer to purchase something handmade (with love & care).

  3. Versatility helps - no point if I can only find a way to wear something once a month. Trend? meh - more important is does it fit my style. The test question is "does it make me feel prettier?"

    Price is tricky...If something says "i must have that" AND it's versatile, and well made, and nice, I will stretch. Better to invest in something you love, than toss away a few bucks on something you only wear once.

  4. @ Aerides: Thats a good point, a very good point!
    Does it make me feel prettier? :)

  5. OOO tricky but awesome questions :) When im flying i have to wear big uncomfortable headsets so i usually go for comfort... I would love love to see some studs in your shop sometime (if you can of course) jejejeje

    Also im a trend addict (oops) jejeje but my all time faves are big dangly earrings and feathers....

    About pricing, it definitely matters! Butt i like something that will last long and not break when i use it for the first time.. Your jewelry is quality made and i LOVEEE THAT! i have no problem paying for something made handmade with love *even if i have to save* its ALWAYS worth it!

    Veronica grace <3

  6. Hmmmm, I'm not much of a jewelry wearer, except for earrings. I love to put in a new pair everyday! I love a beautiful, simple neclace too, but I find most jewelry gets in the way of living. I'm constantly busy and moving and need items that won't interfere with that. Big, chunky bracelets are cute, but after about 10 minutes they've been taken off for the day! ;)

    I've never been a trend follower, instead opting to wear what speaks to me. You can tell when a jewelry designer loves what they've created, and that always draws me in!

  7. There is a pot at the end of the rainbow ladies....before kids...the same....then with 5 running around I was happy to just be able to find my they are grown and I am taking care of myself (in between all the grandkids running around) :) But I look for versatility and affordability - but once in a while I do treat myself - because I am worth it. If we take care of ourselves, we can take care of anyone...I am not a trend person, in fact while I sell jewelry myself I have found that pieces I made that I didnt like, often got sold....everyone's taste is different and it is hard to know what everyone likes. And then once in awhile I put on an outfit that just cries for something special and out of the ordinary....


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