Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BESTeam Feature - Danizabeth

Welcome to my BESTeam Feature!
This weeks feature is: Danizabeth.

As I visited her Shop on Etsy, I immediately felt a sweet reminisince of yesteryears. Her photographs of old fashioned automobiles and original farm buildings took me for an imaginary walk down “Memory Lane”, and give me a feeling of longing for this era.

My feelings were proved with validity when I read that she “has a love of all things retro and nostalgic“, which is most certainly shown in every photograph I viewed.

One of Danizabeth's favorite times that she wrote about is: When she was a young girl, she use to hunt for keys at salvage yards with her father. Her ultimate prize was a key still attached to a key chain.
Personally, I can imagine a little girl in a printed sundress, running through the tall grass, truck to truck searching carefully and thoroughly, sticking her tiny hands and fingers under seats, between seats, and other nooks and crannies, in searching for her ultimate prize!
While her father stood in the background making sure she was safe, and out of harms way.

Today, Danizabeth is a Graphic Designer at her local Newspaper. Her mediums are various in her love of art, but she is most passionate about photography. Danizabeth states that in her photography: “I love being able to look at something and capturing it's beauty in unexpected”.

Oh and by the Way, that small collection (of keys, some attached to key chains) she gathered is probably still at her parent's house, hiding somewhere.
Danizabeth adds in regards to that collection: What lingers with her is the love she has for those icons of the past that she did not live in.

Other interesting facts about Danizabeth:
She LOVE’S sports, and at that time she was anxiously awaiting 2 o'clock to come so she could watch the Bears beat the Packers.
Love’s the Game Show Network and thinks she would be a good contestant on any sort of word game.
Knew she wanted to study and become a Graphic Designer since middle school, and lastly, took dance lessons from the age of 4 till she was 18 (ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and lyrical).

All photgraphs shown are available for purchase!
To see more photographs, visit Danizabeth here!

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  1. love the feature - well done!!

  2. very nice feature, great shop too.


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