Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Fans!

Today is the BIG DAY!
The two best teams will be going head to head. Although I don't really care who wins, maybe you do?
My team, well I had two, the 49ers, because they are very close to home, and the Denver Bronco's, whom I have have loved for years, were knocked out in the playoffs. You all have to admit, both those teams came very far this year. They both had BIG improvements which I hope will carry on into the next season.

So, todays contest, well it was JUST planned, so I hope I get some good replies here!

What is the ending score of the game.
You will need to tell me what you think the final score will be of BOTH teams.
Whoever is closest wins a 35% discount coupon in my Etsy Shop!

Game time begins at: 3:30pm, in about 7 hours.

Please leave your guesstimate score, and an email address.
Make sure your email address is correct!

Happy guessing :)
I will be checking back here at kickoff!


  1. Giants 49, Pats 45 Yes, a nail biter, but we have those numbers in a football pool too, lol. Great idea, Cathy!

  2. I have to work today, so I won't be able to see the game... or the commercials. :(

    1. awe, whats your guess?
      You can guess even if your at work!
      I'd like to know your answer is :)

  3. 21-17 Giants win. Still 100% Dallas COWBOYS Fan!

  4. Giants 28, Patriots 17. Really, I don't care much except that I don't like Brady and I always like 35% off. :)

    1. Perfect!
      We posted this at the same time, lol
      My comment for you is below.

  5. For Nancy Schuyler
    Pats 47 Giants 17

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