Friday, October 28, 2011

My BESTeam Feature

Well, as we all know, some better then most, life constantly changes. Sometimes its for the better, and sometimes its for the worst. Sometimes things just stay the same, which is my favorite time
My point? I have one, and here it is. Due to certain changes in my life, I have decided after thoughtful contemplating, I have decided to leave the BESTeam.
So, for my last feature, my theme is RED!
 My first farewell visit is to the shop of Knitful Dezigns.  Veronica is a good friend of mine, and a very talented woman too.  Right now she is working on a plush doll collection while planning her wedding.  And she takes custom orders.  This Big Bow Headband comes in any color you choose, but I particularly like the red.  You can find Knitful Dezigns on facebook, and twitter, plus she writes her own blog
The next stop on my farewell tour is the shop of Creativity Bugs.  This shop is run by 2 sisters, Sandy and Sue.  They have such a cute and funky sense of style, and it shows in all their items, like this Rock Photo Holder.  A perfect stocking stuffer for that teenager on Santa's list. Follow them on facebook for all their latest news, and bookmark their blog for some reading pleasure.
My next stop is at Mossy Creeks Soaps.  I thought to myself, oh no, will she have red soap?  There goes my theme, but then on page 3, here it is... this Red Box Soap Gift Set.  When you purchase this gift set, you have 10 different soaps to choose from, so you can find something for everyone.  Michelle can be found on her own web page, blog, facebook, and twitter.
At my last stop, Redemption Art, I found this really cool Amber Carnation Milk Bottle.  Connie finds these great items on the great island of Hawaii, and she has so many vintage items.  And if vintage is not for you, she has a 2nd shop, Volcano Girl Creations, where you'll find her great handmade items, like jewelry and cat toys.  Connie writes a really cool blog, Island Buzzy. Reading this you'll feel like you've been on the island yourself.  She also has facebook and twitter.
So there you have it, my last BESTeam weekly feature.  If you are looking for an Etsy team where you can get, and give, some extra promotion, you can find it here.


  1. Great feature <3 Im REALLY REALLY going to miss reading your posts :) But i know its for good reasons!!!!!! LOVE THIS and you tooo


  2. I love this post! Well written!

  3. Thanks for the great feature on our shop! We are sorry to see you leave BESTeam, but wish you much success in your future endeavors.

  4. So sorry I missed this one, I was in between travels..home now and so grateful for this post. I am sharing now! Aloha, Connie


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