Saturday, September 3, 2011

Take notice!

Its an early Saturday afternoon, and what could be better then a few quick notes on a couple of fantastic Etsy Shops?
Not only are these Etsy Shops full of wonderful and fabulous handmade products, the owners of these two shops are two of some of the nicest woman I have been blessed with knowing. Well, you know the kind of knowing I mean. We are close online friends, who share a love of designing and other personal information we wouldn't just tell anyone.
My first short feature is on ~ Our Home To Yours ~ This shop has a diverse selection of handmade products which include jewelry and hand knitted hats and scarfs, which are going to be perfect for the arrival of Autumn. In fact here in Benicia, California, today I saw my first limb of a large tree with leaves of red, orange, and yellow. The perfect sign that tells me that Autumn is here already. I simply smiled, after all Autumn is my favorite season!
A mother and daughter team own this shop and while, daughter Mandy designs and hand knits scarfs and hats, Debbi, mom, designs jewelry.
Here is one of my favorite scarfs, because it looks so warm and comfy:

 Crochet Skinny Eternity Scarf in Creamy Beige

I think this scarf is also the perfect color and being that perfect color,  I would think that you could wear this plush scarf often, making it versatile as well!
The second item I would like to share with you is this one below.  Not only do I think it is actually the fabulous necklace in the world, but to me, its also Gothic. The first time I saw it, I thought, now "Why didn't I think of that,"? And then I tweeted it!
OOAK Blood Red Heart Choker
Debbi and Mandy have many other items in their shop besides jewelry, scarfs, and hats!
I really think that you should go and check out the handmade products I listed, but the shop as a whole as well! You can click on the titles of the products themselves to enter into their shop, or you can click right here!

The second shop I would like to say a few words about is MysticWynd. Karen is the owner of this Etsy Shop. She is also Captain of the BESTeam, that I am a team member off, and so is Debbi from Our Home to Yours for that fact. MysticWynd offers so many handmade products, its would be difficult to list them all. Her products range from jewelry to book markers, and she even a handful of sweet accessories for hair!
Here is my first favorite. I think this bracelet is quite incredible, full of detail. What I like most about this bracelet is the silver metal link the wraps around the Gemstone setting. Take a closer look at this bracelet by clicking on the title!
Seraphinite and Metal Cuff
My second choice is for ones who love the sand and sea, now that shouldn't surprise you! MysticWynd also offers this splendid bracelet.

Oceanus Charm Bracelet with Pearls, Shells, Crystal, and Glass

Most of you shouldn't be surprised that I had to show a handmade product that had to do with the ocean due to my love for it!
I also have to tell you that MysticWynd is having a HUGE SALE, so now would be an excellent time to shop. You could really get a nice start on your Holiday shopping here because MysticWynd has something for everyone!
You can see the reason for this sale in her "Shop Announcement"!

So, if you don't really have any plans for this weekend, put this on your list, and take some time to check out these two shops!
I am very sure you will be able to cross off a few items of  "gifts to get" of your Holiday Shopping List!

Enjoy your weekend, drive careful and be safe :)


  1. Aww, thanks so much for the great feature, Cathy! I truly appreciate your support and more importantly, your friendship - you're one special lady and an amazing artisan in your own right!

  2. ohhhh, thank you Cathy! Like Karen says, you are special, and I feel blessed to have "met" you.


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