Monday, August 22, 2011

New Fall Jewelry!

I am so thrilled with my new Fall / Autumn Jewelry, that I am a bit besides myself. And even though it is not extravagant, filled with detail, sometimes the best things in jewelry are simple, such as life.
Besides, Fall or as some would call it, Autumn IS my favorite season, its colors truly burst out of the seams.
So, with the array of colors to choose from, I could easily say that I am ecstatic! And since I have been collecting Fall colored Gemstones for some time now, I am more then ready to create.
Over this past weekend, I made individualized listings for my Acorn Pearl Earrings. As far as I am concerned these should be selling here quickly now. I also designed a Vintaj Brass Oak Leaf Necklace to accessorize the earrings. I only have the Czech Glass Pumpkin color available right now, but I plan on doing all the other colors soon. Here is a picture of the Vintaj Brass Oak Leaf Necklace. 
Fall Vintaj Brass Leaf with Pumpkin (Orange) Czech Glass Beads
Personally, I love this leaf, it is very elaborate and quite distinctive. And to keep "true to nature" I designed this Necklace to include an Oak Leaf, because, Acorns do come from Oak Tree's. Since we are speaking about Acorns, below are the Acorn Earrings that you can complement this necklace with!
Autumn Pumpkin Orange Acorn Earrings
In combining these two jewelry pieces, I thought that this would be a traditional and delightful set!
It would be really nice to read what you thought, so please feel free to comment below. 
I also have these earrings in a Swarovski Antique Brass Pearl Bead and Vintage Gold Pearl Bead as well.
I am including the photos with the links underneath:
Autumn Earrings Acorn Capped Antique Brass
Fall, Swarovski Vintage Gold Crystal Pearl Acorn Earrings
I have yet to make matching necklaces for these two colors, but I plan on ordering the materials for these very soon!
As of now, these are my newest earrings for Fall / Autumn. I have a lot more items that need listings, and photos. Quite frankly I should be taking photos and listing items, then making jewelry. Its just that making jewelry is just so much funner! 

I have also added a new "Section" to my Etsy Shop" titled: Fall...Autumn...Seasonal,just click on that title, and it will take you right to that section!
To view all of my handmade jewelry, just click here
Remember, if you ever have a question, you can always convo me on Etsy, or find me on Facebook!

Before I go, I would like to share this necklace. I will be listing this piece soon!

Another one of my Favorites! But then again ALL my Fall / Autumn Jewelry pieces are, LOL
And if I have kept your attention this far, then I hope you will take advantage of this coupon offer! For a discount of 15%, please use the code BLOG15 when checking out!
This coupon will expire September 6th, 2011


  1. They are all so beautiful! I'm a fall person too - so many coordinating colors to choose from.

    Alison x

  2. Lovely pieces - it's a great season for jewelry!


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