Thursday, June 9, 2011

BESTeam Feature ~ Redemption Art, Vintage and Handmade Hawaii

My BESTeam Feature for this week is on a very sweet gal named Connie, who owns and operates, Redemption Art, Vintage and Handmade Hawaii on Etsy.
Connie's shop offers Vintage, and Handmade products, and a few items of Retro, Fabric, Interior Decor, Supplies, and Books!
As I looked around Redemption Art, it was truly hard to find which item was my favorite. I did though limit it down to 3 which I will share with you, my reader <3. My very most favorite item Connie has, is this one, shown below:
Vintage Rose Colored Depression Glass Art Deco Style Set of Three
I know, can you actually believe I picked something I couldn't put on wire or beading wire. I'll tell you it was really easy to pick favorites, what wasn't easy, was limiting them down to three, but somehow I managed. My next favorite, although they rank the same, I LOVE THEM ALL, is this one!
Antique Copper Bucket
Like Connie suggests in her description of this Bucket, it would be great for filling with flowers, some standing tall, like Gerbera Daisy's, one of my favorites, although I can never keep them from dying. Maybe something overflowing over the side like Lobelia. That's always an easy plant to grow, and so colorful when you choose the shade of purple. I can easily visualize this by my front door, with some pretty flowers that I can grow.
What would you plant in the Antique Copper Bucket?

My third and last choice would be this:
Vintage Coco Joe's Tiki Lava Pendant Hawaiian
Since I have never been to Hawaii, and honestly I don't have any future plans of visiting there, I think this would be a perfect souvenir to purchase! This pendant is actually made out of lava composite. CoCo Joe produced many of these pendants during the 60's and 70's. This pendant would simply look perfect on a nice leather cord. And if you chose not to wear this around your neck, well then you can hang it on your rear view mirror.
After all this symbol of a God is thought to be a protector!

After viewing all of Connie's items, because I really did! I can see and understand why she makes this statement:
"I am the queen of redeem! I find complete satisfaction re-cycling, up-cycling and redeeming! Those who know me know my mantra: "it can't be that hard to wash out a can and remove its label!""
And this is something written by Connie also, that I feel the need to show!
My goal is not only to present eclectic, affordable items to my customers, but also to sincerely represent the Aloha spirit in the way that I do business as well as network with customers and fellow etsians...

Connie also has a Blog that she posts often on. I really look forward to her posts, to me, her posts are well worth reading, and I enjoy everyone of them. Yes, occasionally I do read posts on Blogs, haven't so much lately, well because I had the horrible issue of not being able to sign in to comment, I couldn't even comment on my own Blog. But now that's fixed, thanks to Karen, my BESTeam Captain, who always seems to know how to fix my issues with many things! That's just one great thing about being on a team, support, but I will get back to that in a minute.

I really think you should go and check out Connie's Blog, Island Buzzy! And become a "follower" if you haven't yet. I'll tell you its worth reading!
You can "like" Redemption Art on FaceBook
AND Follow her tweets on Twitter.
nd lastly, Connie has recently opened a new shop on Etsy called: volcanogirlcreations
I think you should go and check it out!
You may find a treasure there, to please yourself or someone else!

Redemption Art, Vintage and Handmade Hawaii on Etsy. and I are members of the BESTeam on Etsy.

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The BESTeam is so much more then writing a feature every week! Its a team of caring and talented crafters on Etsy.
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  1. OMG, I am humbled...actually blushing I think. Thank you so much, I do so appreciate you, Cathy and all of our awesome Besteam mates, customers and the opportunity to be a part of this incredible network...etsy!
    Aloha, Connie


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