Thursday, May 26, 2011

My BESTeam feature for this week is.......................

My BESTeam Feature for this week is, drum roll please, Knitful Dezigns by Veronica Grace! (everyone stands up and claps their hands). This feature didn’t take me to look at her profile, or search for information. I think I know her, pretty well, from our nearly everyday conversations on FaceBook. And when I miss a day, I feel a bit lost. Veronica’s freshness and spunky personality always adds some sunshine to my day, even on the darkest days. Her personality reflects in her writing, as well as in the products she makes, like this one here below.

Polka dottie be my hottie bow
I met Veronica, during her Give-a-Way, many months ago. I actually won a Give-a-Way! Yep, winning one of these are very special because they are few and far between winning.
Her Give-a-Way Prize was none other, pick ANYTHING from my shop!
I was so happy because, being an outdoor employee I wanted a Beanie to keep my head warm while at work. And I really wanted something flattering, yet functional. So I chose this:
Bashful Beanie in Muddy delights brown
And honestly, not knowing her quality, and her very well, I was a bit unsure until it arrived!
Then after I opened the most sweet full, yes, new word, parcel, I was needless to say more then ecstatic. Now, even though my hair is not long, I was still able to tuck it in, and I had a glamorous, sophisticated look. My dear husband thought so as well! (as of right now, I have two of these Beanies,  and one on the way!)
That’s something I think some women strive for, even if its just to the grocery store, the sophisticated, glamorous look.
So, I wore it that weekend to go shopping, of course for beads, and out to my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Acapulco in Alameda, Ca.
If you want that look, this Bashful Beanie will sure help you create it!

Today, Miss Grace, Veronica showed me pictures of this:
Robins nest
I just thought, while smiling, how sweet, adorable, and cute, yes in that order.
I talked her into listing it, She said she was almost done with the listing anyways.
I told her I would use it in her feature, advertising, always a good thing! But, I would have chose it anyways, well because this sweet little birdie, Miss Grace, is expanding her wings, and doing something out of her extra - ordinary.
It’s a refreshing product, totally something for Spring and Summer. I also thought that it may be a very nice gift for Mothers Day, although its past. An egg for each child she bore, or an egg for each child in the house, and well maybe different colors too, the child’s favorite color, or yours. OR you could stick to the traditional pick and blue. I actually thinking I would purchase a "Robins Nest" soon!

There’s a million and one reasons out there to have this Robins Nest, what’s yours?
Share your thoughts, I am very interested to know what they are!

To see more of Miss Grace, KnitfulDezigns, you can visit her Etsy Shop here!
Become a fan of KnitfulDezigns FaceBook Page here.

AND if you like reading thoughtful, funny, material then check out her Blog!
I ALWAYS end up smiling, or thinking, and even just knowing is good too.

KnitfulDezigns and I are members of the BESTeam on Etsy.
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The BESTeam is so much more then writing a feature every week! Its a team of caring and talented crafters on Etsy.
Please click the link above to find out more about this great team, and consider joing this team!


  1. Mrs. Cathy you've made my entire WEEK :) I havent smiled this much in forever!!! Im soo happy that we met the way we did :) Annnnd im ecstatic that you love your beanie(s) jejeje Thank you so much for everything mrs. cathy! your one amazing lady!

  2. What a great feature! And I love your idea for the nest, but with 11 children (right now), can she make a nest big enough? hahaha

  3. Love the robin's nest especially!!

    So glad I found you through the Etsy Blog Team!
    I am your newest blog follower. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

    I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!

    Mary C. Nasser


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