Thursday, April 28, 2011

My BESTeam Feature for this week is Agnes who lives in Brooklyn. New York. She operates BeaderBubbe on Etsy.
Agnes designs jewelry, but not just jewelry made with your typical beads. She designs jewelry with a large variety of materials, such as: rubber, polymer clay, ceramic, and even gemstones. These earrings shown below, have always been my favorites! These are just so cute, how could anyone resist them. Agnes even has these earrings available in a "boy" style in her Etsy Shop, this pair is so adorable! To view the "boy" earrings just click on "boy".
Chrissy Earrings
Agnes has five children, is grandma to six, with another one on the way!
And she still finds time to create beautiful jewelry pieces.
When Agnes retires she will spend more time making jewelry, she hope that it will be soon! I would certainly like to see more designs in polymer clay. It just fascinates me with what one can make! I think these earrings are very nice to say the least. These earrings even have a necklace to match (click on "necklace" to view product)
Blue Trees Earrings
Most of Agnes’s designs do not make it to her store. They are bought up by friends, co-workers and family. I think we all run into that occasionally. Where you show someone and they say, “I’ll take that, how much?”! If I didn’t make jewelry and I saw this piece (pictured below) in person, THAT’S exactly what I would say to Agnes!
Butterfly Earrings
For the people who wear black and its coordinating, complementing colors, this is a splendid pendant to flatter your style. This pendant even comes with a ribbon necklace in black or white, (your choice!) with a lobster clasp. And the price is certainly reasonable!
Black and White Pendant
I also have to add that Agnes has an awesome blog! She posts on it often, almost everyday it seems like to me. She reads a lot too, so she posts information about books she has read also. You’ll find food ideas there, and lots of other information that you might find helpful.

Just like her Etsy Shop, BeaderBubbe, her blog is worth checking out, and certainly worth “following”!

You can also find Agnes on FaceBook, and Twitter!

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The BESTeam is so much more then writing a feature every week! Its a team of caring and talented crafters on Etsy.
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  1. Love it :) cute butterfly earrings jeje

  2. WOW, Cathy, what a wonderful feature! You have a wonderful talent for putting a HEART into everything you write! Agnes, great job...always forward!

  3. Cathy....I must outdid yourself. What a great feature...and even a picture of me, no one ever did that! Thank you!

  4. Great feature, and I love the pendant! I think I'll wander over to her blog now... :)

  5. Nice comments, thank you so much!
    It sincerly means alot to me :)

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