Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BESTeam Feature ~ youaremysunshine

My BESTeam feature for this week is on a delightful designer named Nina.
Nina specializes in handmade fabric flower brooches, fabric flower hair pins, rings, earrings, bracelets and statement necklaces. Her designs are beautifully done in several colors. Here is just one example ( a favorite of mine) of what you will find at her Etsy Shop, youaremysunshine!
Handmade Shabby Roses Fabric Floral Necklace Azure Blue
While growing up, Nina attended an “all girls” Catholic School until collage. In collage she studied to be a Vet, because her parents wanted to have a “Scientist” in the family. She says that this is a “very common cultural value in the Philippines”.
Today, Nina works at home on her business, she is actively involved in her children’s lives and assists her husband on his business. She says that she is spending much more time on her business now then ever. This is easily shown in all of the listings in her shop, and often postings on her Blog. To me, this shows that Nina is very dedicated to everything she does. Her designs and craftsmanship certainly reflect her dedication.
Fabric Shabby Roses Painted Glass Button Necklace
Necklace Ethereal Fabric Flower with Vintage Rhinestone Brooch
Nina has always been interested in interior design, the arts, designing.
In her younger years she would decorate and redecorate whatever living area she was in!
Then and even today, she feels that if she could live in a cardboard box, it would be the most appealing and comfy cardboard box. These items below that Nina has designed would make lovely addition's too any type of living space!
Vintage Button Bouquest No. 1
Lavender Sachets Mint Green In The Garden No. 1
I have shown only a few lovely items that Nina carries in her Etsy Shop, youaremysunshine
So, be sure to take a peek because, I am sure that you will find many things that are eye pleasing, and maybe even something you'd like to purchase :)
You can also visit Nina's other Shop on Etsy that carries Vintage Finds at:  mysunshinevintage

Other places to keep in touch with Nina are on her Blog and Twitter

Have a nice day everyone!

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  2. I love it! Thanks for an awesome feature!

  3. Thanks everybody for commenting. Nina has sych great items, I just love her shabby rose style. I had to be very careful in choosing photo's because I learned towards ALL of her "flower" listings! I had to make sure I included a variety, and not just my "fav's"!

  4. Beautiful work! The lavender sachet is so cute!


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