Monday, January 17, 2011

BESTeam Feature - Sandyvern

Today is my very first Blog Feature! As an official member of the BESTeam, one of my responsibilities is to feature an Etsy Shop of another Team Member.
I was given Sandy, who owns Sandyvern on Etsy. This shop has a full variety of many products such as luscious Body Soap, fashionable Earrings, and charming Stitch Markers, (indispensable little knitting additions that help you keep record of where you are on your row).

Sandy, a New Englander at heart, currently lives in Connecticut.
She characterizes herself as a self taught crafter, who is willing to try a variety of crafts that interest her. But, ultimately she especially enjoys soap making, knitting and designing jewelry.
Sandy takes the time to craft, between running her pet sitting service.
And she even has a her own small menagerie!
This small menagerie includes a with a Border Collie / Australian Sheppard Dog, a kitten, three Bearded Dragons and two Parrot lets. Personally, I would definitely characterize Sandy as a “Lover of Animals”, and a very busy person!
As I took the time to “Window Shop” at Sandyvern's shop on Etsy. I found many different scents of lovely soaps! Here is just one of my Favorite Soaps:

This is one of many of her cold process soaps she makes!

She also has many of these "Cold Process Soaps" to choose from! A few others are "Pink Grapefruit", and a soap that would remind you of the candy bar, "Almond Joy"!

And for all you "Harry Potter" Fans, here is a soap sure to clean and delight all ages!

If you are a knitter, and wear earrings, personally, I think these two products would make a perfect gift for yourself!
Or you may have someone who wears earrings and has knitted you something that you hold dear to your heart.
Keep in mind that matching gifts are always sure to please!

Be sure to visit Sandyverns Shop on Etsy! Sandy has many more types of body cleansing products, decorative soaps, "Harry Potter" soaps, lots of stitch markers, jewelry and even some hand knitted cotton washcloths!
You can visit her here:

And to read all about "Sandyvern's Adventures" click this link below!


  1. very nice feature. you did a great job, and welcome to the team! And we love Sandy!
    - ourhometoyours


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