Monday, October 17, 2011

Hungry? I am, always............

Well its 2:47am, and I cannot sleep. I honestly hate these moments, I have them often.
The Title, yes, you can ask my co-workers. I begin work at 7am, when I work. At about 8:30, I am starving. I don't know, there is something about work, psychologically, that makes me hungry, because I am never hungry this time at home. I have the famous one liner: I'm Hungreeeey! And yes, everyone within 20 feet of me can hear me. OK, so occasionally I am loud, otherwise I am soft spoken, sometimes to the point know one can hear me, maybe that's their choice though, haha. 
Now to the point. A sandwich. Not just an ordinary sandwich, lets just say this is an extraordinary sandwich!
This sandwich consists of:
Chicken - your choice. I prefer grill boneless thighs, cut into strips.
BBQ Sauce - your choice too. I used Bulls Eye. The plain one. I didn't want to add too many seasoned items.
French Rolls - Sourdough, a staple in our house, but you may choose another kind as well. 
Cole Slaw Mix - what ever one you want, just make sure its dry, your going to add the dressing.
Important must haves!
Trader Joes South African Smoke Seasoning Blend
Marie's Cole Slaw Salad Dressing

Coat Chicken with Olive Oil, I prefer light, extra virgin.
Season chicken generously with the African Seasoning Blend.
Cook chicken. Our grill was out of propane so I used my George Foreman Grill.
Cut chicken into strips, its just easier to eat. This sandwich is already kind of messy!

Prepare Cole Slaw, yes after Chicken, especially if you like it crunchy. I didn't use the whole bag of Cole Slaw for this. You may want to serve Cole Slaw on the side as well. I had Trader Joes, "Handsome" Fries.
I always use about a 1/2 jar of the Salad Dressing, then additionally I throw in 2 fat tablespoons of Sugar. You can too, if you wish. I prefer my Cole Slaw to be a bit sweet, and it went really well in this sandwich like that too. I used enough Salad Dressing just to lightly coat the Cole Slaw.

Toast Rolls, if you'd like, I do.
Spread BBQ Sauce on Rolls, enough to cover the roll.
Place Chicken on Rolls.
Top with Cole Slaw.

Be ready for tons of compliments, have lots of napkins, and enjoy, because you will!

*Cooks notes:
Although I seasoned the chicken well before grilling, after tasting, I added more of the African Blend Seasoning.
My husband asked "Did I save this recipe?" I said no, I made it up!
Mark, my husband also said that if this was served in a restaurant, he'd go back. Well I am glad to hear that! He lives at the restaurant, he always says he prefers to eat at "Cathy's"!
I should have taken photos, I will next time, I promise! I was too hungreeeeey to take the time to snap pics!
Trader Joes has the most awesomest Seasonings. We also use their: 21 Seasoning Salute, and a grinder mix of : Everyday Seasoning.

Till next time, be good to your self and others!


  1. Just like me - I'm always hungry too. My other half can't understand how I can eat a whole packet of sweets (candy to you folks across the pond!) before dinner and then eat a full meal.

    That sandwich sounds awesome!

    Alison x

  2. It was great Alison!
    Thanks for commenting.
    I am only chocolate hungry a few days a month, not to much into sweets!

  3. Heehee - this post made me laugh. I, too, would get ravenous at work (for me always 10 am) - while at home I wouldn't really notice until it was lunchtime.

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye


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