Thursday, September 29, 2011

The BESTeam featured "Theme" for this week is Ancient Cultures. I have gathered a few incredible finds from three of my team mates, that reflect this Theme. I hope you like them as well as I do!

First off is this Vintage Chinese Wood Panel.

Vintage Chinese Wood Panel
This beautifully illustrated piece reveals three men, whom appear to either be "Wise Men" or "Religious Leaders".  Although this piece appears to show slight wear, you can still see the high detail and intricate craving on this exceptional piece. This exceptional piece is available through redemptionart.
Redemptionart is full of Vintage, Hand Made, and Up-cycled Art from Hawaii. The owner of this fine shop is Connie. She purchases these items for her Etsy Shop from neighborhood garage sales to high end estate sales, carefully selecting each item herself. Connie has a wide range of various items, so I would encourage you to take a look at all this shop has to offer.
To keep informed of redemptionart on Etsy,  you can follow on FaceBook - Blog - Twitter

For coin collectors and women, my next "Ancient Cultural" piece is quite exceptional in depicting the Roman Era. This striking Necklace strung with White Freshwater Pearls includes an ancient coin of Constantius II - Roman Emperor who ruled in 337-361 A.D.
Freshwater Pearl and Ancient Coin Necklace

This ancient piece is offered from riorita.
Irith, the owner of this Etsy Shop, is quite an exceptional jewelry designer. This shop offers extraordinary designs in Gold and Sterling Silver, perfect for the distinctive wearer of fine jewelry.  In addition to this Ancient Coin Necklace, Irith incorporates the use of other gemstones and semi precious gemstones as well. Besides Handmade Necklaces, Irith's designs include jewelry pieces in Bracelets, Bangles, Rings, and Pendants.
You will definitely have to check out her shop when looking for exquisite jewelry.
You can Etsy's riorita on her Blog -Twitter.

 My last "Ancient Culture" find are these marvelous and very fashionable Handmade Silver Swirl Hoop Earrings. These Earrings are offered by Jaynemarie, of JewelrybyJaynemarie.
Handmade Silver Swirl Hoop
 Now, some of you, like me, may wonder what a "Spiral" would have to do with "Ancient Culture".  Well after a quick "Google Search", I found that the Spiral was a design that the Romans and Greeks used in their temple columns. They also used this design in their vases. Even the Celts painted their bodies with Spirals in blue dye, to intimidate their enemies during battle. So, just with this little bit of information, these Earrings are certainly valid for "Ancient Cultures".
I do have to add that these are not the only style that Jaynemaire offers.
Jaynemarie's specialty is custom design and wedding jewelry, and I can assure you her designs are stunning!
I certainly would encourage you to stop by Jaynmarie's Etsy Shop first, for your (or friend, relative) wedding accessories before looking elsewhere!
Besides JewelrybyJaynemarie on Etsy you can find her on FaceBook Twitter - Blog

Lastly, please keep in mind that these are pieces would make wonderful gifts for people who are into the study of cultures around the world and the artistry associated with them.
Remember Christmas will be here before you know it!

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The BESTeam is so much more then writing a feature every week! Its a team of caring and talented crafters on Etsy.
Please click the link above to find out more about this great team, and consider joining this team.


  1. Great article.Much appreciated! Thank you very much!

  2. What a fun and interesting feature! I love how you tied the finds together with this theme! Beautiful shops - thanks for sharing!

  3. Great feature! I wasn't sure how you would tie my shop in with ancient cultures, but you did. I loved reading what you wrote. Thank you.

  4. Very nice feature, I really appreciate the boost! I am definitely sharing and tweeting!
    Aloha, Connie

  5. What a great idea for a theme - love all three pieces that you chose! PS thanks for stopping by my blog ;-) - appreciate it!

    Empty On the Inside
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