Monday, July 18, 2011

Tilt Creations - for your Handmade Handbags, Backpacks, and Home Accessories!

My BESTeam Feature for this week is on a very sweet gal, named Teresa!Teresa is a stay at home mom, who has 2 boys. She is also the Etsy Shop owner of Tiltcreations.  
Tiltcreations sells Handbag’s, Backpacks, and Home Accessories. As part of Teresa’s Home Accessories, she will soon be adding Hand Embroidered Wall Hangings. Until then, I decided to show this for my first product.
Usually, I am not a girlie girl, meaning that I am not partial to soft pastels. I am more partial to neutral colors, "Fall" colors and bold colors. I do have to admit, I am very partial to this lovely color shown in this splendid Applique Pillow Cover Duo. This set truly makes me smile!
Bubblegum Pink Circle Reverse Applique Pillow Covers,  Duo
Teresa says that "Life here can be quite interesting", and I am and I am sure it can be! Especially with the age difference in her children, as my middle daughter, and my youngest son, have that age difference also. Any spare time that Teresa has you’ll find her either sewing or “playing on the computer”! 
With that being said, I thought it would be a perfect time to show one of her Handmade Handbags because of her time at the sewing machine!
Janet Handbag in Pink Skull and Crossbones
And since I decided to show this handbag, I just couldn't help myself in showing this sweetest handbag I would choose to match it. I thought this handbag was really cute and the benefit that it had, that I liked the most, was the magnetic snap closure.
Becki Clutch in Pink Bad to the Bone
For my last handmade product, I thought that it would be appropriate to show an over sized bag. The reason I decided to show this product is because it is "Farmer Market" season. This bag would be absolutely perfect for taking to the Market because of its rounded and sturdy bottom.
I would also like to add that Teresa offers patterns on her other Etsy Store, Tilt Too! If you happen to be super crafty, because that what sewing is too me, super crafty, you may want to go and check this store out as well! She also offers fabric and supplies from her handbag shop as well at Tilt Too!

To know, read and find out more about Teresa, you can check her out at these links below!



  1. oh yes, that bag for a farmers market would be great, brimming over with corn, tomatoes and I'm hungry.

  2. Thanks :) Now I am thinking of the Farmer's market too since I just got home to an empty fridge :P

  3. Thanks you two!
    I was wondering if anyone even noticed :)


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