Saturday, July 30, 2011

A great BESTeam Feature on Etsy's AncientOils

This weeks feature is on a very creative gal, whose name is Lilly! 
She is the Shop Owner of Etsy's AncientOils.
Lilly blends oils for Perfume, Medicinal purposes for woman, Chakra balancing, and Biblical purposes. All of her products are directed to assisting the woman to feel like a Goddess. Every Blend of Therapeutic Essential Oil in Lilly's handmade products These oils come in products such as Bath Salts, facial soaps, masks, and foot scrubs.
Each Blend is distinctively created with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, that regard aspects of each goddess ceremoniously and adoringly. These Essential Oils include and are not limited to: Artemis (strength), Gala (Grounding), and Coventina (Purification).

Although her products are directed more towards woman, men can use them as well! With this being said I decided to share a product, I felt was for men and women. 
Higher Self, Meditation Oil
 Although I do not meditate, I thought that both woman and men do! And not knowing too much about Essential Oils, except for some scents I like, this particular product has an array of Oils with very meaningful qualities, I am most sure will please you very much!   
My second product is for those who design, create, and like to express themselves. I think this would be a perfect product to enrich your being! This Oil below, sounds amazing, and would comfort you in a bath of nice warm water. 

Saraswati, Hindu Goddess of Expression, Throat Chakra

These Bath Salts also release toxins and give you new energy! A perfect "creative block" fix!

Another product that I wanted to show, and that I personally would like to purchase would be this one, below. 
Dead Sea Mud w/ Aloe Gel
I think that no matter what age we are, woman are worried about the wrinkles on their face, or acne, and even dry skin! Not only will this product assist you with that, it will also help with: detoxifying, exfoliating, and soothing your joint and muscle pain! 
And for the price, I would have to say, its my "Deal of the Day"!
The best price on a handmade product, I have found today. You can trust me on that, being that I have been up since 5:30am on a Saturday, I have looked at several!

Although I normally only show a three photo / product feature, there is one more of Lilly's products I MUST show. For those who are on their feet all day, walking, and being outside, this would be the product for you as well. And even though I never say this is my "Deal of the Day", this product comes in at a very close second, and well, the price, would be so well worth it!
Peppermint Therapeutic Foot Scrub
For a small amount of $6.00, and some change for shipping, your feet can feel like they can walk another hundred miles. 
As woman, we all worry about what our appearance looks like, today you can purchase something to help you get where your going instead, and this would be a real, honest to goodness treat for you and YOUR FEET!

On a last note, I wouldn't want any of you to worry about the quality of any of Lilly's handmade products. She holds a Degree in Metaphysics and other various Certifications in Holistic Energy Healing. Lilly also studies to keep up with current findings and practices other modalities of Holistic and Spiritual Healing. 
So, whats keeping you?! 
Do something nice for yourself, or someone else today!
And even though I know this is a common saying, "You'll be glad you did"!
I sincerely know, YOU, will be glad you did!

To keep up with Lilly, you can find her here:

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  1. WOWZERS MRS. CATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive never wanted to buy something more in my entire life LOL! Youve really outdone yourself, this is the best feature ive read yet :) Youve made this all so intriguing YAY Love this

  2. I read this before and don't know WHY I didn't comment! Maybe that's why I found my way back here...anyway, very nice feature, thank you, helps me to know more about our team member..sharing now!

  3. Great feature! I adore anything peppermint and that foot scrub looks awesome!


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