Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award!

Usually when I open my email, its hum drum, nothing to much exciting except if I receive an email from a friend, but its usually just information that’s sometimes needless and a quick delete. But, the other day I received an email from one of my Blogger friends, Sara, of Simply Sarafina Paints.
Her email provided a link back to her Blog and she wrote: “I wanted to pass this award on to you because I think you definitely deserve it!”.
I thought, well OK, and I went to check her link out. I didn’t know what to expect, I had only seen this award a few times, and I had no idea how it was received. Well, now I know how it is received. It is given to you from another Blogger!
Sara is awarding me, yes me, the Stylish Blogger Award. Needless to say, I was , and still am, totally jazzed. I have been working so hard on my Blog lately, and now I am actually getting an award for it, thats so awesome and incredible! I am so blessed.

Well its 4 or 5 days later now, and 3am in the morning. I cannot go back to sleep because the wind is just so fierce, along with the rain. And honestly, it’s a tad scary to me, even though my husband is here (I can hear my husband in the bedroom snoring peacefully, only to himself).
I am now FINALLY able to have the time to write this up!
So, here it is:
Once this Award is received I am to:

1. Thank the person who gave it to me.
2. State 7 Random Facts about myself.
3. Share the love by passing this Award to 3 others.

So, I already took care of number 1, I emailed Sara back immediately to thank her.
And now for 7 Random Facts:

1. I am a Fall/Winter kind of person. I just love those Seasons. The colors of the leaves changing, the rain, the beautiful scenery of white layered ground and trees, BUT I cannot stand the wind and the cold!
As I have grown older, though wiser, I get cold so much easier then I did when I was younger. And where I work, being outdoors, I am exposed to ALL kinds of weather, but rain and cold are the worst for me.

2. I met my husband at my place of employment the very first day I was transferred to the Toyota Facility, here in Benicia, Ca. We just totally clicked, and I still LOVE being around him all day and sharing breaks, and lunch with him. I feel so blessed and thankful for God putting him in my life. Mark has helped to grow and become a better person, he is truly my “better half”.

3. I struggle with receiving Child Support. My friends say I am in “Court” all the time, and really, I am. I have learned so much though about my son’s father, and the court system that I hope one day I can share that information and help someone else.

4. I am addicted to BEADS!!!!! I buy Beads even when I don’t need them. But, a few times when I have been designing a piece of jewelry I have found exactly what I needed when looking in my stash.

5. I am a total “Early Bird”! My alarm goes off at 3:45am on the weekdays, even when I don’t work. So, my sleeping in is like till 5 or 6am. I have been lucky though lately and have slept till 8am, but then I feel like my whole day is past.

6. I listen to contemporary Christian Music, almost all the time. The station that I listen to is KLOVE. I play that station in the car and on the computer. I need to go put it on now, but I think I have to many windows opened already. I really prefer all my windows lined out at the bottom of my screen.

And finally #7:
I LOVE to cook! I wish I could spend all day in the kitchen cooking. I think I may like having a job at a small restaurant, but then I fear I may not like cooking at home anymore.
My favorite thing to do is BBQ, and I really don’t have a favorite thing to cook, BUT my husband LOVE”S my Spaghetti (well everything really) , and my son ( my very pickiest eater) LOVE’S my Cheese Burgers.

NOW for the easy and most fun nest part in receiving this award.
Drum Roll Please, I am passing this award to:

Jewelry by Jaynemarie
Funky Felt Flowers and More
Blue Forest Jewellery’s Blog

Have a nice day everyone!
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  1. I love it :) I'm sorry you were up because of the wind and rain but at least you put that time to good use and now you have a beautiful post!
    Hope you have a very happy first day of spring :)

  2. AWESOME :) Congratulations jejeje... I also love KLOVE, when i used to live in CA i used to get it all the time! O the memories...

    YAY for cooking <3 i love to bake... *it gets me into loads of trouble* if you know what i mean! To much baking can be dangerous jejeje! I loved reading your random facts :) So exciting!!!

  3. Thank you Sara, it was so productive!
    I must be getting more accustomed to this Blogger thing, it didnt take me ALL day :)
    Its pouring rain as I type, some Spring, huh :)
    I am still going to BBQ though, we just filled up the propane tank and its been month's!

  4. Veronica, I cannot bake! and maybe thats a good thing. I have enough trouble over filling myself just with breakfast, lunch and dinner!
    BUT I did buy a new cookie sheet the other day, I suppose I will have to make some chocolate chip cookies to brake it in!

  5. YAY :) chocolate chip cookies are awesome :) I have a great recipe to share with you.. ill send it asap!

  6. Thank you so much for passing on the award. Your blog is looking so cool and we lots of followers!

    So wish I was a morning person ;-)

    Alison x

    Blue Forest Jewellery

  7. @ Alison:
    Sometimes its very hard to be a morning person!
    and have to be at work a 1/2 hour earlier :)

  8. I'm honored for the award to be passed on to me. I've got my work cut out for me. Thanks, Cathy!
    You rule!!

  9. Hi thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Hopped over to check out yours and completely love your #4 thing about you....I am a beadaholic too. check out my blog as I just returned from a beads show...if you really want to go overboard...check them out....

  10. Cathy,
    Your hard work is paying off. Your blog is beautiful. I would say you definitely have the blog thing down! It is nice to learn about you and you are very deserving of the award.

  11. Loved reading all this - and I share your addiction - beads that is!


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