Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'd like to do a Give-a Way, but.....

I'd like to do a Give - a - Way, but.....
I also need twenty-five Blog Followers!

So, I will do a Give - a - Way, when I have twenty-five Blog Followers.

 Here are some of my selections that I thought about using for my Give - a - Way!

Fluorite Faceted Round Gemstones on Blackened Brass

Rose Quartz Faceted Round Gemstone with Blackened Brass Earrings
Dangling Chalcedony Green Coins with Sterling Silver Ear Wires

Chocolate (Brown) Vintage Japanese Glass Millefiori Bead and Vintaj Brass Butterfly

If your not a "Follower" of my Blog, I would appreciate it if you became one!
And if you have a Blog, I will also follow you.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of my selections, or take a look in my Etsy Shop, and tell me of another selection you'd like to see as a Give - a - Way!


  1. I looove everything in your shop ;) it would be hard to choose jejeje but i think my all time fave would have to be the Dangling Swarovski Indian Sapphire Brass Earrings... they are simply extravagant!!!!

  2. YOUR Shop is nice as well!
    and I am so sad I missed your give-a-way!
    I love your Blog, the ribbons, and how colorful it is. It must show your personality!
    I will take your comment into consideration!
    and thanks so much for commenting and looking :)

  3. love those green coin earrings. I'm sharing your blog!
    - ourhometoyours/xv,

  4. To: Our Home to Yours
    awe, the Chalcedony Coins!
    I LOVE those too :)
    I made a pair for myself, and got lots of complements!
    Thanks so much for sharing my Blog, I just read your last post and commented too!

  5. Hi! Stopping by from samsstuff & Random Stuff by SAM to become a new follower :) I think your selections are beautiful!

  6. What great stuff you make! here's to getting to 25 and doing your give-away. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.


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