Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BESTeam Feature - October 54 Gallery

My BESTeam Feature for this week is a wonderful photographer by the name of Anne!
Anne is the shop owner of October 54 Gallery.
She has lived in many places of the United States, and even has lived in Costa Rica for eight years with her family. I am sure that living in Costa Rica was quite an experience. Personally, I find that living in another country to be very brave! Certainly one would have to be up for many different adjustments. I would have to commend someone who did this!
Today, Anne lives in Whispering Pines, North Carolina, U.S.A., with her husband and two children.

Anne states that “being creative makes her feel alive, whether taking photos, making block prints or writing”. With that being said it is easily seen that Art has always and will continue to be a part of Anne’s life.

As I looked at her work in her Etsy Shop, I was immediately drawn to this photograph.
White Rose - Fine Art Photography
The clean cut view of a white rose, gave me a sense of well being, something untouched, and even calmed my soul with its beauty. Just delightful, a perfect photograph to put on your nightstand!
And since all of Anne's photographs can be enlarged, a nice option I might add,  this photograph would look just as lovely in your living room!

My second choice, frankly, it was a tough choice, was this photograph!

The Blue Doors - Fine Art Photography

To me, Doors represent an entrance. Doors are like the soul of a building, like our eyes are to us.
You can see so many things in a door, like how old a building is, how often the place is visited, what kind of people are behind the door. As we are unique in our own way, a door is also unique in its own way.

The last photograph shown here, is where I would like to spend my relaxing time. Just sitting in the sun, feeling a small breeze, maybe with the company of my husband, son, or my current reading material.

Lakeside - Fine Art Photography
In all of Anne's photographs, you will be able to create your own story, as I have. A story, maybe to keep a memory alive, something from your childhood, or something you would like to do someday.

To create your own story, to relive a certain moment, or to create one, visit October 54 Gallery!
To read more about this Gallery and Anne, visit her Blog.


  1. 'Lakeside' is my favorite. Looks like a peaceful place to be.

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